Best Fitness Foods


Want to get into that perfect shape as soon as possible? Then simply working out in the gym is not enough. Fortunately, there are ways to boost your progress. And the easiest way to do that is to eat the right type of food and cheap supplements that can help you along your way to achieving your fitness goals.
Take a look at our list of the best fitness foods. And make sure to incorporate these amazing things into your daily diet.
1. Honey.
The perfect product to consume, if you want to feel energized during your whole workout. The trick here is that honey releases its ‘fuel’ slowly. That’s why you will have a steady insulin and blood sugar level during your whole fitness session. Honey also boosts endurance, speed and power. You can easily eat honey right from the spoon or add it to your oatmeal, for example.

2. Beet Juice.
This piece of advice will certainly work not only for the gym junkies out there. The truth is that beet juice can be a great alternative to…coffee. It is extremely effective at boosting that energy. Drink your juice before the workout all year round (fresh beets are always in season). Remember that it is important to invest in fresh options from brands that you can trust.

3. Blueberries.
Real fitness gurus know that one of the main problems that the athletes face is inflammation. And blueberries are a tasty and easy way to fight that. Having these berries during the day will help you decrease inflammation and boost the development of the blood cells that are responsible for your immunity. The good thing is that dried or frozen blueberries can be just as beneficial as fresh ones.

4. Salmon.
You are that type of guy or girl that wants to build muscle? Then make sure to include salmon into your daily meals at least twice a week. This fish is not only a muscle booster. It has the power to fight heart disease and even stave off type 2 diabetes. In case you don’t like salmon – stack your shelves with omega-3 fatty acids.

5. Watermelon.
You might be surprised, but consuming a small portion of watermelon before your workout will help…reduce muscle soreness! We have to thank citrulline for that – a substance that helps improve artery function. The white rind of the watermelon has a higher concentration of this little helper, so don’t be afraid to nibble on it.

6. Tart Cherries.
These berries have a significant effect on pain reduction. Moreover, you will regain your strength after the workout faster, if you drink tart cherry juice. Once again, fresh berries are not that easy to find, but the frozen and dried options are beneficial as well.

7. Dark Chocolate.
Any type of physical activity is followed up by the induction of stress in our body. Dark chocolate can help us reduce cell stress and the antioxidant levels in our blood. A few squares are quite enough to do the job. But you can always get creative and add some melted chocolate into your smoothies, for example.